Q: What is a Communication Studies degree?

The study of communication focuses on how people use messages to generate meaning within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. The meaning of mass communication messages structures the ways people understand themselves and the world around them. While the field of communications is well established and growing rapidly, the study of mass communication as an academic discipline is still relatively young. For this reason, communication curriculums vary significantly from one university to the next.

The bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies forms an excellent base of knowledge and analytical training for students considering graduate study or professional work involving media relations or other media-related activities. However, our curriculum is not narrowly conceived as a professional training program, thus technical training courses in journalism, advertising, public relations, broadcasting, television, film production, etc. are not part of the Department’s offerings.

Q: What are the requirements to concentrate in Communications?

  • Choose two: Comm 251, Comm 261, Comm 271, Comm 281
  • 16 additional credits: 8 of which are 400-level or above
  • 6 additional credits from approved courses of another department (300-level or above)

Q: What are the Pre-Reqs to apply for admission in the Comm. Department?

  • Comm 101 (The Mass Media)
  • Comm 102 (Media Processes and Effects)
  • Comm 121 (Evaluating Information and Analyzing Media I)
  • Comm 122 (Evaluating Information and Analyzing Media II)

(Note: You must obtain at least a grade of C- in each class)

Q: How can I make an appointment with someone in the Communcations department?

Students may meet with a Communication Studies concentration advisor as early as their freshman year. Appointments are made online through the Department’s website: http://www.lsa.umich.edu/comm. Advising appointments for prospective and declared concentrators are highly encouraged to be scheduled prior to the student’s registration time on Wolverine Access. Faculty advising appointments are available August through June. Advising appointments with the Undergraduate Program Coordinator are available all year.

Q: Can you help me pick a class? (e.g. should I take 261 or 281?)

Absolutely! We can’t tell you what class is best for everyone or tell you exactly what to do, but we can help you with information to make your decision a lot easer. We will give you our best advice and opinion concerning certain classes, professors etc. You can ask us any question that you might hesitate to ask to the Communications department and get some honest and direct peer advice from people doing a major in Communications.


Q: What is MACS? How do I join MACS?

MACS is an organization designed to help you network through the communications department. We invite guest speakers to come give you an idea of what you can do professionally with a communications major, and to help you with internship opportunities and practical experience.

If you wish to become a member and sign up for our e-mail list, just send an email to Dayle Maas (daymaas@umich.edu). You’ll receive the latest news about meetings, career or internship opportunities or other communications-related events! Also, remember to join ourFacebook Fan Page, where you can get Facebook updates on events and even interact with the MACS Executive Board as well as other MACS members!

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